Wash. Admin. Code § 296-46B-445 - Wind driven generator equipment

This equipment includes alternators or generators that produce electrical current through the conversion of wind energy into electrical energy. Wind driven generation equipment must demonstrate conformance to applicable safety standards recognized by the department.


(1) A wind driven generator system design review must be provided at the time of the first inspection.
(2) For utility interactive systems, any person making interconnections between the generator system and the utility distribution network must consult the serving utility and is required to meet all additional utility standards.
(3) All wind driven generator equipment and disconnecting means must be permanently identified as to their purpose, maximum voltages and type of current within the system with an identification plate.


Wash. Admin. Code § 296-46B-445
Repealed by WSR 14-11-075, filed 5/20/14, effective 7/1/2014

Statutory Authority: Chapter 19.28 RCW. 13-03-128, § 296-46B-445, filed 1/22/13, effective 3/1/13. Statutory Authority: RCW 19.28.006, 19.28.010, 19.28.031, 19.28.041, 19.28.061, 19.28.101, 19.28.131, 19.28.161, 19.28.171, 19.28.191, 19.28.201, 19.28.211, 19.28.241, 19.28.251, 19.28.281, 19.28.311, 19.28.321, 19.28.400, 19.28.420, 19.28.490, 19.28.551. 09-20-032, § 296-46B-445, filed 9/29/09, effective 10/31/09; 08-24-048, § 296-46B-445, filed 11/25/08, effective 12/31/08.

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