Wash. Admin. Code § 296-46B-550 - Special occupancies - Mobile homes, manufactured homes and mobile home parks

001 Mobile/manufactured homes - Inspection.

(1) All alterations to the mobile/manufactured home electrical system must be permitted and inspected.
(a) Any circuit or feeder that is fed from the pedestal or panel from an outbuilding feeding the mobile/manufactured home requires a permit from the electrical section.
(b) Any circuit or feeder that originates from the mobile/manufactured home's (i.e., red factory assembled structures label) panel and feeds an addition or equipment that is attached (e.g., garage, heat pump, or air conditioning unit) requires an FAS alteration permit.
(c) Any circuit or feeder that originates in the mobile/manufactured home panel and feeds an unattached structure or equipment (e.g., detached garage, hot tub, pool, well, septic system, yard lighting, or generation equipment, etc.) requires two inspections. An FAS permit is required for the circuit or feeder from the panel and must terminate in a J-box located under the home's exterior wall near the rim joist. A second permit is required from the electrical section for electrical work from the J-box to the equipment or structure.

032 Mobile/manufactured homes - Service.

(2) If an electrical service is installed on the mobile/manufactured home:
(a) It must be installed only by the manufacturer, at the manufacturing plant. The manufacturer must complete the service except for service connections, meter, and grounding electrode conductor; and
(b) The owner or an electrical contractor must complete the service at the site.

033 Mobile/manufactured homes - Feeder.

(3) When the mobile or manufactured home is supplied with power using a permanent wiring method, the equipment grounding conductor will be permitted to be bare. Bare conductors used underground must be copper. For the purposes of this section, portable cord is not considered a permanent wiring method.


Wash. Admin. Code § 296-46B-550

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