Wash. Admin. Code § 296-62-07308 - General regulated area requirements

(1) Respirator program. The employer must implement a respiratory protection program as required in chapter 296-62 WAC, Part E (except WAC 296-62-07130(1) and (5) and 296-62-07131 ), which covers each employee required by this chapter to use a respirator.
(2) Emergencies. In an emergency, immediate measures including, but not limited to, the requirements of (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) of this subsection must be implemented.
(a) The potentially affected area must be evacuated as soon as the emergency has been determined.
(b) Hazardous conditions created by the emergency must be eliminated and the potentially affected area must be decontaminated prior to the resumption of normal operations.
(c) Special medical surveillance by a physician must be instituted within twenty-four hours for employees present in the potentially affected area at the time of the emergency. A report of the medical surveillance and any treatment must be included in the incident report, in accordance with WAC 296-62-07312(2).
(d) Where an employee has a known contact with a listed carcinogen, such employee must shower as soon as possible, unless contraindicated by physical injuries.
(e) An incident report on the emergency must be reported as provided in WAC 296-62-07312(2).
(3) Hygiene facilities and practices.
(a) Storage or consumption of food, storage or use of containers of beverages, storage or application of cosmetics, smoking, storage of smoking materials, tobacco products or other products for chewing, or the chewing of such products, are prohibited in regulated areas.
(b) Where employees are required by this section to wash, washing facilities must be provided in accordance with WAC 296-800-230.
(c) Where employees are required by this section to shower, shower facilities must be provided.
(i) One shower must be provided for each ten employees of each sex, or numerical fraction thereof, who are required to shower during the same shift.
(ii) Body soap or other appropriate cleansing agents convenient to the showers must be provided as specified in WAC 296-800-230, of the safety and health core rules.
(iii) Showers must be provided with hot and cold water feeding a common discharge line.
(iv) Employees who use showers must be provided with individual clean towels.
(d) Where employees wear protective clothing and equipment, clean change rooms must be provided and must be equipped with storage facilities for street clothes and separate storage facilities for the protective clothing for the number of such employees required to change clothes.
(e) Where toilets are in regulated areas, such toilets must be in a separate room.
(4) Contamination control.
(a) Regulated areas, except for outdoor systems, must be maintained under pressure negative with respect to nonregulated areas. Local exhaust ventilation may be used to satisfy this requirement. Clean makeup air in equal volume must replace air removed.
(b) Any equipment, material, or other item taken into or removed from a regulated area must be done so in a manner that does not cause contamination in nonregulated areas or the external environment.
(c) Decontamination procedures must be established and implemented to remove carcinogens from the surfaces of materials, equipment and the decontamination facility.
(d) Dry sweeping and dry mopping are prohibited.


Wash. Admin. Code § 296-62-07308
Amended by WSR 19-01-094, Filed 12/18/2018, effective 1/18/2019

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