Wash. Admin. Code § 296-79-27003 - Log hauls, slips, and carriages

(1) Controls must be:
(a) Arranged to operate from a position where the operator will at all times be in the clear of logs, machinery, lines, and rigging; and
(b) Marked to indicate their function.
(2) Log decks must be provided with effective means to prevent logs from accidentally rolling down the deck and onto the carriage or its runway.
(3) When needed for protection of personnel, an automatic stop or interlocking device must be installed on log hauls or slips. These devices are not a substitute for lockout.
(4) A barricade or other positive stop of adequate strength must be provided to protect the sawyer from rolling logs.
(5) Canting gear or other equipment must not hang over the log deck in such a manner as to endanger employees.
(6) The sawyer must be primarily responsible for the safety of the carriage crew and offbearers and must exercise due care in the operation of the carriage and log turning devices.
(7) Feed works and log turning control levers must be so arranged that they may be secured when not in use and must be adequately guarded against accidental activation.
(8) A control device must be provided so that the sawyer may stop the head rig section of the mill without leaving the stand.
(9) An effective method of disengaging the head rig saws from the power unit must be installed on all head rigs where the power unit is not directly controlled by the sawyer.
(10) The sawyer must be safeguarded either by location or by use of substantial screens or approved safety glass.
(11) Carriages upon which employees are required to work must be solidly decked over and the employees properly protected.
(12) The feed control lever of friction or belt-driven carriage feed works must be designed to operate away from the saws or carriage track.
(13) A substantial stop or bumper must be installed at each end of the carriage run.
(14) Substantial sweeps must be installed in front of each carriage wheel. Such sweeps must extend to within 1/4 inch of the rails.
(15) Where power-operated log turners are used, carriage knees must be provided with goosenecks or other substantial means of protecting the carriage crew.


Wash. Admin. Code § 296-79-27003
Amended by WSR 17-16-132, Filed 8/1/2017, effective 9/1/2017

Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, 49.17.040 and 49.17.050. 99-16-083, § 296-79-27003, filed 8/3/99, effective 11/3/99; Order 74-24, § 296-79-27003, filed 5/6/74.

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