Wash. Admin. Code § 308-56A-150 - Certificate of vehicle inspection

(1) When is a certificate of vehicle inspection required? A certificate of vehicle inspection, completed by the Washington state patrol or other authorized inspector, must accompany the application for certificate of ownership and include the applicable statutory inspection fee whenever the applicant's vehicle is:
(a) Reported destroyed since the last certificate of ownership was issued and ownership was not retained by the registered owner;
(b) A homemade, assembled, or rebuilt vehicle not previously titled as such;
(c) One on which the identification number needs verification as requested by the department, county auditor, or authorized agent;
(d) A kit vehicle not previously titled as such (if no vehicle identification number (VIN) or model year previously assigned);
(e) A street rod not previously titled as such;
(f) A glider kit not previously titled as such;
(g) Subject to ownership in doubt described in WAC 308-56A-210;
(h) One which the Washington crime information center (WACIC) or National Crime Information Center (NCIC) indicates may be stolen;
(i) One for which the WACIC/NCIC has failed to respond to the stolen vehicle search required by chapter 46.12 RCW; or
(j) Inspections are not required for snowmobiles or mobile homes.
(2) Is there a fee charged for a VIN inspection? Yes, the amount of the fee is established in RCW 46.12.040. The fee is not due when:
(a) The out-of-state fee authorized by chapter 46.12 RCW has been collected on the same application; or
(b) The Washington state patrol or department of licensing has determined that the fee is not due.
(3) Who is authorized to perform a vehicle inspection? Vehicle inspections may be performed by:
(a) The Washington state patrol;
(b) Other entities or individuals designated by the director if the vehicle is located in another state or country and the requirement for inspection by the Washington state patrol will cause undue hardship.
(4) How long is a vehicle certificate of inspection valid? The vehicle certificate of inspection is valid for the following periods of time after the inspection date:
(a) Sixty days for vehicles:
(i) Reported destroyed;
(ii) Homemade, assembled, rebuilt, street rods, kit vehicles and glider kits;
(iii) If the identification number needs verification, has been removed, defaced, altered, destroyed, illegible or missing;
(iv) With no Washington record or no manufacture certificate/statement of origin (MCO/MSO) except those described in WAC 308-56A-210;
(v) Referred for inspection for any reason not listed.
(b) Three hundred sixty-five days for a licensed vehicle dealer.


Wash. Admin. Code § 308-56A-150

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