Wash. Admin. Code § 308-83-110 - Vehicle certificate and reports

(1) A limousine carrier must obtain a vehicle certificate for each vehicle to be operated as a limousine. An application for a new vehicle certificate must include a copy of the vehicle registration. All applications for new vehicle certificates and vehicle certificate renewals must also include:
(a) A valid certificate of insurance issued in the exact name of the legal entity that appears or will appear on the business license;
(b) A current vehicle inspection report no older than four months; and
(c) The fees specified in WAC 308-83-020 and 204-95-030.
(2) The department will issue the vehicle certificate in the name of the limousine carrier. The department may allow continued operation of a limousine for up to sixty calendar days if there is a minor error (for example, misspelling) in the vehicle registration, to allow time for the department to correct the registration document.
(3) Each limousine must display a decal permanently affixed to the back of the vehicle. The decal must be located to the left of the rear license plate, easily observable, and within twelve inches of the plate. The decal must not be affixed to the license plate or a light. The carrier must remove the decal upon the transfer of vehicle ownership, or the termination of the limousine vehicle certificate.
(4) The vehicle registration must have the use class recorded as "F/H."
(5) Vehicle certificates expire. Failure to renew prior to the expiration date may result in penalty fees as provided by chapter 19.02 RCW. A limousine with an expired vehicle certificate may not continue to operate as a limousine.
(6) A request to add a new vehicle, and procure a new vehicle certificate, must be made in writing to the business licensing service and include the fee as specified in WAC 308-83-020.
(7) A request for a duplicate vehicle certificate may be made by contacting the department. A fee as specified in WAC 308-83-020 will be charged for duplicate vehicle certificates.
(8) A copy of the vehicle certificate must be carried in the vehicle at all times and must be displayed on request to any law enforcement officer or department representative.
(9) A limousine carrier must:
(a) Within four business days following a traffic collision involving any of its limousines, report the collision to the department's regulatory office if an accident report is required or was made under the provisions of RCW 46.52.030. Before a limousine involved in a collision may return to service, the limousine carrier must forward to the department a new vehicle inspection report that was performed after the collision. This inspection may be performed by the Washington state patrol or other agency authorized by chapter 46.72A RCW to perform limousine inspections. Alternatively, the department may accept a structural inspection by an ASE Certified Master Collision Repair Technician. The department will not accept an ASE inspection for the initial or annual limousine inspection required under WAC 308-83-120.
(b) Report to the department within ten calendar days when any limousine that has been issued a vehicle certificate is taken out of service.


Wash. Admin. Code § 308-83-110

Statutory Authority: Chapters 46.72A, 46.04 RCW, RCW 43.24.086 and 2011 c 374. 12-02-035, § 308-83-110, filed 12/29/11, effective 2/1/12.

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