Wash. Admin. Code § 332-140-050 - Paid extension credit

This section implements section 5 of the act.

(1) Section 5(1).
(a) Qualifying sales. Only window sales which exists as of the date of the application under this subsection qualify for a paid extension credit under section 5(1) of the act.
(b) Written application. To qualify for the paid extension credit, an extension agreement, properly executed by the purchaser and surety (if applicable), must be received by the department at least one working day prior to the then current expiration date of the sale on which the purchaser seeks a paid extension credit. No credits will be granted under section 5(1) of the act if the purchaser does not meet the foregoing deadline.
(c) Amount of paid extension credit. The amount of the paid extension credit on a sale shall be equal to the total amount of the extension fees paid by the purchaser on that sale after April 3, 1982 by cash or road credits.
(d) Same sale. The paid extension credit shall be applied, dollar for dollar, to payments for forest products only on the same sale as the extension fee is paid by the purchaser. The paid extension credit may not be used to pay ARRF charges.
(e) Length of extensions. The extensions granted on a sale under section 5(1) of the act shall only be 3, 6, 9 or 12 months in length. The department's authority to grant extensions under section 5(1) of the act expires on December 31, 1984.
(2) Section 5(2).
(a) Qualifying sales. Section 5(2) of the act applies only to extensions which were requested, paid for, and for which the extension agreements were executed on or before April 2, 1982. Section 5(2) of the act applies to all sales existing as of the date of the purchaser's application hereunder. Extensions of sales for which extensions were paid after April 2, 1982, do not qualify for an equivalent extension under section 5(2) of the act. A person may not receive a credit under section 5(2) of the act for minimum fee ($100) extensions granted before April 3, 1982, but only for extensions paid in cash by the purchaser.
(b) Written application. A person wishing to receive an extension on a sale under section 5(2) of the act must make a written application to the department which identifies the sale, the amount of extension time claimed under section 5(2) of the act, and the dates and periods of past extensions purchased on that sale.
(c) If a person satisfies the provisions of (2)(a) and (b) above, the department shall, without any charge, grant the person applying for an extension under section 5(2) of the act an extension equal in time to the total time of the extensions on that sale which were paid by the person extending the sale, up to a total of twelve months.


Wash. Admin. Code § 332-140-050

Statutory Authority: 1982 c 222 § 8. 82-14-058 (Order 380), § 332-140-050, filed 7/1/82.

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