Wash. Admin. Code § 468-16-120 - Work class ratings

(1) Qualification shall be granted a contractor in one or more classes of work in which the firm has shown the capability to satisfactorily perform with its own forces under its own immediate supervision.
(2) The department's project estimate shall be the only estimate used to determine the value of the various classes of work within a project for determining a contractor's eligibility to bid that specific project. The contractor will be required to perform a specified percentage of the total work as provided for in the current issue of the Standard Specifications.
(3) Contractors will be given work class ratings on the basis of their financial status, performance record, previous experience, organization, and condition and suitability of equipment.
(4) When it has been determined that adequate competition cannot be afforded as a result of either the lack of prequalified bidders, or the lack of applicants for qualification with sufficient experience in the work class required, the department may take in consideration the firm's experience in performing other related work in order to create competition providing that:
(a) The work class does not require a specialty license.
(b) The firm seeking the work class is deemed qualified in another work class under chapter 468-16 WAC.
(c) The firm seeking such work meets all other requirements prescribed under this chapter including the availability of the necessary equipment for the project being let.
(5) Data provided by project owners, other than the department, to inquiries made concerning new applicants seeking qualification, shall be used to determine initial work class ratings and maximum capacity ratings. Initial work class ratings for new applicants and those of firms which have not renewed their qualification within two years, will be based on performance data provided by agencies or organizations having previously employed the applicant. Such other data as the department may have on file may also be used. Work submitted by the new contractor and verified by the department will be given an initial work class rating equal to 2.5 times the highest value of the work the contractor has completed within that work class during the past three years. If a specific portion of a work class is performed by the contractor, the prequalification for that class will be limited to that portion of the work.
(6) Work reported as less than satisfactory will not be accepted for qualification purposes, but may be included with performance reports in determining the status of the contractor's prequalification.
(7) Work class ratings previously granted will not be reduced providing the contractor has maintained a standard performance record on department work and the contractor continues to submit the required questionnaire annually. Should a significant reduction of resources occur, the contractor's work class ratings may be modified or reduced to an amount within the contractor's current capacity.
(8) A contractor's work class ratings will be reviewed annually effective on the date the renewal questionnaire has been received. Work class ratings for those contractors renewing prequalification will be reviewed for increases, decreases, and additional work classes not previously granted. In determining the annual status of the contractor's work class ratings, prime work completed for the department and the performance rating given for that work shall be weighted more heavily than work completed for other agencies.
(9) Work class ratings shall be computed by multiplying the highest value of the work class completed satisfactorily during the preceding prequalification year by a factor of 2.5 provided that the currently established work class rating is not higher. In that event, the currently established work class shall become the work class rating for the ensuing qualification year. Work class ratings will not change if the contractor has not performed in that work class during the prequalification year.


Wash. Admin. Code § 468-16-120

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