Wash. Admin. Code § 468-16-210 - Prime contractor performance report

(1) The evaluation of contractor performance shall be made on a form substantially in the format as illustrated herein.
(2) A Prime Contractor Performance Report Manual provides detailed instructions for preparation of the prime contractor performance report.

Prime Contractor Performance Report Instructions

The Prime Contractor Performance Report, DOT Form 421-010, consists of two parts page 1 and page 2, Page 1 consists of Sections I. II, and III. Page 2 consists of Sections IV and V.


This section denotes the type report being submitted and provides data relating to the contracting firm, its status and supervisors. Interim reports must be submitted annually on the anniversary of the project start date for all projects exceeding a duration of one year,


This section provides basic project data to assist those reviewing or otherwise using the report to place this evaluation in proper perspective with regard to project size, costs, complexity, and completion time. Under Work Class Performed by Contractor, list that work using the general headings in the description of project documents (e.g., preparation, grading, structure, asphalt concrete paving, etc.)


This section contains the four weighted rating areas of (A) Administration/Management and Supervision, (Q) Quality of Work, (P) Progress of Work, and (C) Compliance with Laws and Contract Requirements. Each area contains statements which are weighted as to their importance within the rating area The rater must consult the Prime Contractor Performance Report Manual (M 41-40) for criteria used for rating contractor performance. There is only one value for the rating of standard. If more space is needed, use additional blank sheets

* Shaded areas indicate the range of Inadequate and Superior ratings. Unshaded areas indicate Below Standard and Above Standard ranges, which are separated by a line representing a standard rating.


This section is divided into three parts.

A General Elements Make any general statements pertinent to reporting the contractor's work activity, e.g., innovativeness in performing the work and any other noteworthy contractor activities.

B Below Standard Elements List any actions or activities which substantiate a numerical rating for each statement falling within the range of inadequate or below standard. Each comment must be correlated to identify the rating area and statement number Each comment must be related to substantiating data reported during the life of the project in the Inspector's Daily Report, Project Engineer's Diary, correspondence, or other pertinent records. This data must be available as a part of the administrative record in the event of hearings or litigation.

C Superior Elements Make supportive comments for superior ratings. Substantiation by recorded data should be available in the form of reports, letters, and other documents if not included in diaries and journals.

Comments made in response to B and C above should make reference to documented activities that describe the typical performance of the contractor.


This section provides for the recording of the review and authentication of the report by the rater, endorser, and reviewer. Its purpose is to verify that the contractor has been given a copy of the report and that the contractor is aware of his right to appeal. It also serves the purpose of verifying that the report has been reviewed for the purposes of assuring objectivity in its preparation and for the elimination of the influences of personalities. The report will be reviewed by the Region Administrator. The Region Administrator will enter narrative comments thereon only when the contractor's overall performance has been rated below standard, inadequate, or superior. The completed report is to be forwarded to the Secretary (Attn: Prequalification Branch) to arrive not later than 45 calendar days after project completion,

DOT Form 421-010 EF Instructions Revised 06/2014


Wash. Admin. Code § 468-16-210
Amended by WSR 15-01-170, Filed 12/23/2014, effective 1/23/2015

Statutory Authority: RCW 47.01.101, 47.28.030 and 47.28.070. 94-05-004, § 468-16-210, filed 2/2/94, effective 3/5/94; 91-04-014 (Order 128), § 468-16-210, filed 1/28/91, effective 2/28/91.

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