1-06-082 - Responses to public records requests

1-06-082. Responses to public records requests

(1) Generally.The agency will respond to public records requests in the manner prescribed by the Public Records Act.

(2)Priority of requests. The agency will generally handle requests in the order in which they are received. However, the agency will modify this approach, to the extent it deems necessary, to ensure that requests which seek larger volumes of records, require closer review, or are otherwise more complicated or time consuming, do not unreasonably delay simpler, more routine requests.

(3)Installments. The agency may provide records on an installment basis as provided in the Public Records Act. For purposes of WAC 1-06-084 through 1-06-090 each installment of records is treated as a separate public records request, unless otherwise specified.

(4) Customized electronic access. Where the agency deems it appropriate, the agency may choose to provide customized electronic access to public records. However, any requestor seeking such customized electronic access must pay, in advance, for agency staff time and any other direct costs related to providing such customized electronic access. Because the agency maintains electronic records in a very wide variety of formats, the viability of providing this service is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

(Adopted by WSR 17-24-026, Filed 11/28/2017, effective 12/29/2017)

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