112-10-040 - Duties

112-10-040. Duties

OFCO shall:

(1) Provide information as appropriate on the rights and responsibilities of individuals receiving family and children's services, and on the procedures for providing these services.

(2) Investigate administrative acts alleged to be:

(a) Contrary to law, rule, or policy;

(b) Imposed without an adequate statement of reason; or

(c) Based on irrelevant, immaterial, or erroneous grounds.

(3) Monitor the procedures of the department in carrying out its responsibilities in delivering family and children's services with a view toward appropriate preservation of families and ensuring children's health and safety.

(4) Review periodically the facilities and procedures of state institutions serving children and state licensed facilities or residences.

(5) Recommend changes in the procedures for addressing the needs of families and children.

(6) Submit an annual report to the governor and the committee analyzing the work of OFCO, including recommendations.

Statutory Authority: RCW 43.06A.030(8). 00-23-046, § 112-10-040, filed 11/13/00, effective 12/14/00. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.06A.030(6). 00-05-036, § 112-10-040, filed 2/10/00, effective 3/12/00; 97-21-066, § 112-10-040, filed 10/14/97, effective 11/14/97.

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