132F-113-020 - Definitions

132F-113-020. Definitions

(1) Major organizational component: The following are considered major organizational components of the Seattle College District.

(a) North Seattle College

(b) Seattle Central College

(c) South Seattle College

(d) Seattle College District office, including the president's office, employee relations, office for curriculum services, business services, facilities management and planning, and systems and computing services.

(2) Employee: Any individual who receives payment for services rendered to the Seattle College District is considered an employee of the district, except for outside vendors and contractors.

(3) Relatives: A family relationship is considered to exist between an employee and: Spouse, mother, father, child (including foster and Amended children), siblings, grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and in-laws.

(Amended by WSR 15-02-072, Filed 1/6/2015, effective 2/6/2015)

Order 15, ยง 132F-113-020, filed 4/24/74; Order 4, ยง 132F-113-020, filed 11/13/72.

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