132F-20-050 - Written statement of expenses

132F-20-050. Written statement of expenses

Within ninety days following acquisition of the real property, removal of the personal property or the time of moving, whichever last occurs, the person claiming reimbursement shall serve upon the college a written verified statement of his expenses, including therein the following information:

(1) The date the removal was commenced and the date completed;

(2) The location from which and to which the personal property was moved, and the location to which the displaced person moved;

(3) The place where personal property was stored and the proprietor thereof, and the time and duration of any temporary storage;

(4) An itemized statement of all costs incurred relative to the move to the new location for which reimbursement is claimed, together with supporting invoices for all expenses incurred which invoices shall identify the invoicer, the invoicee, the exact charge, the services for which the charge is made and the basis for computation of the charge.

(5) The names and relationships of those displaced persons for whom reimbursement is claimed.

(6) The dates on which lodging and transportation expenses were incurred for each displaced person.

(7) The amount of total reimbursement claimed.

In the case of temporary storage of personal property, a claim shall be made for temporary storage incurred to the date of claim and include an estimate of future storage costs.

Order 1970-2, ยง 132F-20-050, filed 3/27/70.

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