132G-121-090 - Brief adjudicative proceedings authorization

132G-121-090. Brief adjudicative proceedings authorization

This rule is adopted in accordance with RCW 34.05.482 through 34.05.494. Brief adjudicative proceedings shall be used, unless provided otherwise by another rule or determined otherwise in a particular case by the president, or a designee, in regard to:

Student conduct appeals involving the following disciplinary actions:

(1) Suspensions of ten instructional days or less;

(2) Disciplinary probation;

(3) Written reprimands;

(4) Any conditions or terms imposed in conjunction with one of the foregoing disciplinary actions; and

(5) Appeals by a complainant in student disciplinary proceedings involving allegations of sexual misconduct in which the student conduct officer:

(a) Dismisses disciplinary proceedings based upon a finding that the allegations of sexual misconduct have no merit; or

(b) Issues a verbal warning to respondent.

(Adopted by WSR 17-20-071, Filed 10/2/2017, effective 11/2/2017)

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