132G-168-040 - Borrower classification

132G-168-040. Borrower classification

Within the college community there are several readily identifiable library material user groups for which the character and intensity of use differs. The primary groups are credit and noncredit students, faculty, administrative personnel and nonacademic staff. The library extends services to persons not affiliated with the college. Borrowing privileges may be extended to such persons if they reside within Community College District Number Seven, or if they are a duly enrolled student or faculty member of one of the other state community colleges, or if they are spouses of Shoreline Community College faculty, administrative or nonacademic staff members. The library extends services to special rental borrowers or other libraries through the "inter-library loan" process. Borrowers are classified as:

(1) Credit students

(2) Faculty consisting of: The president, the vice presidents, professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, visiting lecturers, associate or part-time faculty, administrative personnel

(3) Nonacademic staff

(4) Continuing education, noncredit students

(5) Community patrons

(6) Reciprocal students and faculty from other state community colleges

(7) Spouses of borrower classes (2) and (3)

(8) Retired faculty of Shoreline Community College

(9) Special rental borrowers (Washington state schools, community organizations, etc.)

(10) Other libraries through the "inter-library loan" process.

Order 1-35:72, ยง 132G-168-040, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.

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