132G-168-110 - Holds, recalls and searches

132G-168-110. Holds, recalls and searches

(1) Holds: A borrower may place a HOLD on any circulating material except reserve material, some special collections material and library materials already checked out to that borrower.

(2) Recalls: Library materials for which another borrower has placed a HOLD may be recalled after two weeks from the date checked out. Material on long-term loan to faculty may be recalled at any time. Material needed for reserve may be recalled at any time. Material checked out to noncollege borrowers may be recalled at any time for use by an on-campus borrower.

(3) A SEARCH may be requested by borrowers who have not succeeded in locating material on the shelves.

Order 1-35:72, ยง 132G-168-110, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.

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