132U-126-015 - Statement of student rights

132U-126-015. Statement of student rights

As members of the academic community, students are encouraged to develop the capacity for critical judgment and to engage in an independent search for truth. Freedom to teach and freedom to learn are inseparable facets of academic freedom. The freedom to learn depends upon appropriate opportunities and conditions in the classroom, on the campus, and in the larger community. Students should exercise their freedom with responsibility. The responsibility to secure and to respect general conditions conducive to the freedom to learn is shared by all members of the college community.

The following enumerated rights are guaranteed to each student within the limitations of statutory law and college policy, which are deemed necessary to achieve the education goals of the college:

(1) Academic freedom.

(a) Students are guaranteed the rights of free inquiry, expression, and assembly upon and within college facilities that are generally open and available to the public.

(b) Students are free to pursue appropriate educational objectives from among the college's curricula, programs, and services, subject to the limitations of RCW 28B.50.090(3)(b).

(c) Students shall be protected from academic evaluation which is arbitrary, prejudiced, or capricious but are responsible for meeting the standards of academic performance established by each of their instructors.

(d) Students have the right to a learning environment which is free from unlawful discrimination, inappropriate and disrespectful conduct, and any and all harassment, including sexual harassment.

(2) Due process.

(a) The right of students to be secure in their persons, quarters, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures is guaranteed.

(b) No sanction may be imposed on any student without notice to the accused of the nature of the charges.

(c) A student accused of violating this code of student conduct is entitled, upon request, to procedural due process as set forth in this chapter.

(3) Sexual misconduct complainant. In any case involving an allegation of sexual misconduct as defined in this code, a complainant is afforded certain rights under this code including, but not limited to:

(a) The right to be informed of all orders issued in the disciplinary case in which they are a complainant;

(b) The right to appeal to the student conduct committee an initial order issued by a conduct officer;

(c) The right to request presidential review of an initial order issued by the student conduct committee; and

(d) The right to be accompanied to all hearings by an advisor and/or an attorney.

(Adopted by WSR 18-17-025, Filed 8/6/2018, effective 9/6/2018)

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