132U-126-025 - Amnesty

132U-126-025. Amnesty

Students are encouraged to see swift medical assistance for themselves and others without fear of penalty in situations involving use of, or medical issues related to, alcohol or drugs. Students requesting and receiving medical assistance in these situations will not typically be subject to the formal student conduct process. While disciplinary action may not be taken, the college reserves the right to take steps necessary to address health and safety concerns for the individual and the community. This policy refers to isolated incidents and does not excuse students who repeatedly or knowingly violate the alcohol or drug policy, nor does it preclude action arising from other violations of the code. The student conduct officer will consider the positive impact of reporting a situation when determining any course of action.

Complainants and witnesses who, in good faith, report sexual misconduct will not be subject to alcohol or drug violations of the code occurring at or near the time of the sexual misconduct unless their own conduct placed another person's health or safety at risk.

(Adopted by WSR 18-17-025, Filed 8/6/2018, effective 9/6/2018)

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