132U-126-055 - Brief adjudicative proceedings-Initial hearing

132U-126-055. Brief adjudicative proceedings-Initial hearing

(1) Brief adjudicative proceedings shall be conducted by a conduct review officer or designee. The conduct review officer shall not participate in any case in which the conduct officer is complainant or witness; or in which they have direct or personal interest, prejudice, or bias; or in which they have acted previously in an advisory capacity.

(2) The parties to a brief adjudicative proceeding are the respondent, the student conduct officer, and the complainant in cases involving sexual misconduct. The conduct review officer shall conduct an informal hearing and provide each party an opportunity to be informed of the facts as viewed by the college and the initial disciplinary findings. Each party will also have an opportunity to explain their view of the matter.

(3) The conduct review officer shall serve an initial decision to both the respondent and the student conduct officer within ten business days of consideration of the appeal. The initial decision shall contain a brief written statement of the reasons for the decision and information about how to seek administrative review of the initial decision. If no request for review is filed within ten business days of service of the initial decision, the initial decision shall be deemed the final decision.

(4) In cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct, the conduct review officer, on the same date as the initial decision is served on the respondent, will serve a written notice upon the complainant informing the complainant whether the allegations of sexual misconduct were found to have merit and describing any sanctions and/or conditions imposed upon the respondent for the complainant's protection. The notice will also inform the complainant of their appeal rights.

(5) Upon review, if the conduct review officer determines that the respondent's conduct may warrant imposition of a disciplinary suspension of more than ten business days or dismissal, the matter shall be referred to the student conduct committee for a disciplinary hearing.

(Adopted by WSR 18-17-025, Filed 8/6/2018, effective 9/6/2018)

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