132U-126-070 - Student conduct committee structure

132U-126-070. Student conduct committee structure

(1) The student conduct committee shall consist of five members appointed each year:

(a) Two full-time students appointed by the student government;

(b) Two faculty members appointed by the faculty union;

(c) One administrative staff member (other than an administrator serving as a student conduct or conduct review officer) appointed by the president or designee.

(2) The administrative staff member shall serve as the chair of the committee and may take action on preliminary hearing matters prior to convening the committee. The chair shall receive annual training on protecting victims and promoting accountability in cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct.

(3) Hearings may be heard by a quorum of three members of the committee so long as one faculty member and one student are included on the hearing panel. Committee action may be taken upon a majority vote of all committee members attending the hearing.

(4) Members of the student conduct committee shall not participate in any case in which they are in a party, complainant, or witness; in which they have direct or personal interest, prejudice, or bias; or in which they have acted previously in an advisory capacity. Any involved party may petition the committee for disqualification of a committee member.

(Adopted by WSR 18-17-025, Filed 8/6/2018, effective 9/6/2018)

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