132Z-142-010 - Purpose

132Z-142-010. Purpose

This chapter contains the policies of Cascadia College concerning the use of campus facilities by campus and noncampus groups for engaging in free speech and other expressive activities. Cascadia College as an academic institution values freedom of inquiry and expression, civil discourse, and tolerance of competing viewpoints.

At the same time, campus facilities are intended primarily for use by campus groups for educational and related institutional purposes. The college intends to open the campus for expressive use by noncampus groups to the extent that such usage does not substantially and materially interfere with institutional purposes.

It is further intended, both with respect to campus and noncampus groups, that these expressive activity policies shall be interpreted and applied consistently with applicable constitutional law.

(Adopted by WSR 21-06-014, Filed 2/19/2021, effective 3/22/2021)

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