137-104-040 - Notice

137-104-040. Notice

(1) The department shall notify each offender on community custody of all court and department imposed conditions, requirements, and instructions and of the department's response to violation behavior.

(2) An offender alleged to have committed a low level violation will be provided notice of the alleged violation at the time the department's violation response is initiated and the offender will be provided an opportunity to respond.

(3) An offender alleged to have committed a high level violation has the right to a hearing prior to imposition of any sanction. The offender will receive notice of a pending hearing as follows:

(a) Written notice will be served upon the offender not less than twenty-four hours prior to the hearing. The offender may waive the right to such notice.

(b) Written notice to the offender will include, but is not limited to:

(i) The offender's rights, including rights specified in WAC 137-104-060 and the offender's right to file a personal restraint petition under court rules after the final decision of the department;

(ii) A copy of the judgment and sentence and the imposed conditions;

(iii) The alleged violation; and

(iv) The supporting evidence relating to the violations that will be introduced and relied upon by the department at the hearing.

(c) The alleged violations may be amended and new allegations added at any time prior to the hearing, provided the offender receives written notice of such new or amended allegations and all other supporting evidence at least twenty-four hours prior to the hearing. The offender may waive the right to such notice.

(Amended by WSR 19-19-044, Filed 9/12/2019, effective 10/13/2019)

01-04-044, ยง 137-104-040, filed 2/1/01, effective 3/1/01.

Reviser's note: Under RCW 34.05.030(1)(c), as amended by section 103, chapter 288, Laws of 1988, the above section was not adopted under the Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW, but was published in the Washington State Register and codified into the Washington Administrative Code exactly as shown by the agency filing with history notes added by the code reviser's office.

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