137-104-051 - Negotiated sanction review

137-104-051. Negotiated sanction review

(1) An offender alleged to have committed a high level violation may waive the hearing and recommend a sanction that is negotiated with the department.

(2) The negotiated sanction shall be reviewed by a hearing officer in the department's hearing unit. A negotiated sanction review shall be considered an offender disciplinary proceeding and shall not be subject to chapter 34.05 RCW, the Administrative Procedure Act.

(3) The hearing officer will determine whether:

(a) The offender knowingly and voluntarily admits guilt to all allegations;

(b) The offender knowingly and voluntarily waives his or her right to a hearing and appeal; and

(c) The recommended sanction is reasonable and within the parameters of department policy.

(4) The hearing officer may reject the negotiated sanction and set the matter over to a hearing.

(5) The negotiated sanction review will be recorded and documented in writing.

(Adopted by WSR 19-19-044, Filed 9/12/2019, effective 10/13/2019)

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