137-52-015 - Reasons allowed

137-52-015. Reasons allowed

An escorted leave may be granted by the superintendent to extend limits of confinement into the community to permit an inmate to:

(1) Receive necessary medical or dental care which is not available in the institution;

(2) Visit a seriously ill member of the inmate's immediate family or attend the funeral of a member of the inmate's immediate family upon verification, by the superintendent, of such illness or death;

(3) Participate in athletic contests as a member of a group or team only if the inmate is in minimum custody; or

(4) Participate in supervised work of the department to include industrial, educational, and agricultural programs;

(5) Participate as a volunteer in community service work projects, which are approved by the superintendent for selected minimum custody nonviolent offenders, if such work project is requested by the local community.

Statutory Authority: RCW 72.01.380. 85-07-042 (Order 85-07), ยง 137-52-015, filed 3/19/85. Formerly WAC 275-85-015.

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