137-52-035 - Escort procedures

137-52-035. Escort procedures

(1) Only correctional staff approved by the superintendent will be authorized to serve as escorts. Single escorts must have attained permanent employee status. At least one experienced, permanent status employee will accompany all inmates on escorted leave.

(2) Medium and close custody inmates shall be escorted by at least two correctional staff. No more than five medium/close inmates may be escorted with two correctional staff. Maximum custody inmates will be escorted in ratio of two staff to one inmate. Medium, close, and maximum custody inmates shall be escorted in hand and leg restraints. Inmates in these custody levels shall be escorted with at least one staff member carrying a sidearm and safely separated from a second officer who will be the immediate escort for the inmate. The unarmed officer may be the immediate supervisor, counselor, or other state correctional staff approved by the superintendent. Only with the approval of the superintendent will escorts remove waist and leg restraints from inmates.

(3) Minimum custody inmates shall be escorted under circumstances deemed appropriate by the superintendent. Correctional staff may be instructed to wear their uniforms and sidearms in appropriate circumstances.

(4) A correctional officer serving as escort may wear civilian clothing when escorting an inmate to a bedside visit or a funeral unless otherwise directed by the superintendent.

Statutory Authority: RCW 72.01.380. 85-07-042 (Order 85-07), ยง 137-52-035, filed 3/19/85. Formerly WAC 275-85-035.

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