139-05-912 - Requirement of training for state fire marshals

139-05-912. Requirement of training for state fire marshals

(1) The training prescribed herein constitutes that the training requirement which must be met by deputy state fire marshals as a precondition of any exercise of police powers granted to such personnel by RCW 48.48.060.

(2) The training requirement herein prescribed for the purpose of RCW 48.48.060 will be met by:

(a) Obtaining the commission's basic law enforcement certificate; or

(b) Obtaining the commission's basic law enforcement equivalency certificate and completion of other training as may be required by the agency.

(3) No authorization, expressed or implied, to carry a firearm in the performance of official duties may be granted to any deputy state fire marshal unless such personnel has successfully completed a basic firearms training program. Such program must be at least forty hours in length and include instruction in firearms care, handling, and usage, and a range qualification course approved by the commission. Thereafter, it shall be the responsibility of the chief of the state patrol to set the standard, which will be met for each fire marshal to carry a firearm.

(4) It is the responsibility of the state fire marshal to effect and ensure personnel compliance and to provide documentation of such compliance upon the request of the commission.

Statutory Authority: RCW 43.101.080. 05-20-029, § 139-05-912, filed 9/28/05, effective 10/29/05; 00-17-017, § 139-05-912, filed 8/4/00, effective 9/4/00. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.101.080(2). 93-13-101, § 139-05-912, filed 6/21/93, effective 7/22/93.

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