139-09-040 - Crisis intervention team training-Forty-hour course

139-09-040. Crisis intervention team training-Forty-hour course

(1) Agencies seeking to provide the forty-hour crisis intervention team training shall receive a certification from the commission and use commission-certified curricula and instructors.

(2) Agencies must use commission-approved curricula that contains at the minimum the following subject matter:

(a) Signs and symptoms of common mental health issues encountered by law enforcement;

(b) Crisis intervention techniques for common behavioral health and substance use disorder issues;

(c) Deescalation skills;

(d) Suicide prevention;

(e) Elders in crisis;

(f) Developmental and intellectual disabilities;

(g) Community resources;

(h) Interactions with community members with a mental health diagnosis;

(i) Commonly prescribed psychotropic medications; and

(j) Mock scenes or other practical exercises for students to demonstrate proficiency.

(Adopted by WSR 19-07-038, Filed 3/14/2019, effective 4/14/2019)

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