139-11-050 - Community input

139-11-050. Community input

(1) The commission will develop a working roster of community members that includes, but is not limited to, representatives of stakeholder groups identified in RCW 43.101.455 and family members who have lost loved ones in fatal encounters with police. The commission will host an annual summit on each side of the state with the stakeholders to seek input and assistance with the development and delivery of training and the recruitment of subject matter experts.

(2) The commission will develop an annual report on the following topics and post those reports on their web site:

(a) Hours and learning objectives for new curriculum related to the de-escalation training topics identified in WAC 139-11-020;

(b) Biographies of trainers delivering training on topics identified in WAC 139-11-020; and

(c) Waivers granted to agencies requesting credit for training that meets the requirements of WAC 139-11-030.

(3) The commission will appoint an ad hoc committee on December 6, 2019, to work with commission staff to develop a structure and format for the annual meetings. The ad hoc committee will report back to the commission at the March 2020 commission meeting.

(Adopted by WSR 19-13-011, Filed 6/7/2019, effective 7/8/2019)

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