139-33-005 - Firearms certification-Definitions

139-33-005. Firearms certification-Definitions

Words and terms used in WAC 139-33-005 through 139-33-025 shall have the same meaning as under chapter 18.185 RCW, unless otherwise clearly provided in these rules, or the context in which they are used in these rules clearly indicates that they be given some other meaning.

"Commission" means Washington state criminal justice training commission.

"Corporate officer" means a designee who exercises operational and administrative control over a bail bond recovery agency.

"Department" means Washington state department of licensing.

"Principal owner" means the sole owner of a bail bond recovery agency.

"Principal partner" means a partner who exercises operational control over a bail bond recovery agency.

(Adopted by WSR 14-01-047, filed 12/11/13, effective 1/11/14)

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