14-104-030 - Delegation to director

14-104-030. Delegation to director

The committee delegates to the director its authority and responsibility to administer the advanced college tuition payment program, also known as the guaranteed education tuition (GET) program in accordance with laws, policies, and rules approved by the committee to the fullest extent permitted by law. At the operational level, the director has final administrative authority over all matters affecting the program. Employees of the program shall be employees of the higher education coordinating board and the board shall carry out administrative responsibilities otherwise not assigned to the committee.

Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.95.030(9)(e). 05-24-103, § 14-104-030, filed 12/7/05, effective 1/7/06; 98-23-009, § 14-104-030, filed 11/5/98, effective 12/6/98.

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