172-108-030 - Method of recording and recording devices

172-108-030. Method of recording and recording devices

The presiding officer is responsible for maintaining a record of the proceedings which shall include all documents prepared for and used in the adjudicative proceeding. The university may record proceedings using a method determined by the presiding officer, among those available pursuant to the model rules of procedure in WAC 10-08-170. No cameras or recording devices are allowed in those parts of proceedings which the presiding officer has determined closed pursuant to WAC 172-108-060, except for the method of official recording selected by the institution.

(Amended by WSR 14-24-038, Filed 11/24/2014, effective 12/25/2014)

Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). 92-09-100, ยง 172-108-030, filed 4/20/92, effective 5/21/92.

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