172-191-030 - Annual notification of rights

172-191-030. Annual notification of rights

Eastern Washington University will provide students, who are currently attending, annual notification of their rights as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Notice will be provided through university catalogs, quarterly course announcements, or other publications and media that the university deems appropriate. Copies of the university rules are available through the Washington Administrative Code. The university will make copies available to students, if requested. At a minimum, annual notification will include the following information:

(1) Rights and procedures related to inspection, review, and requests to amend education records;

(2) Rights to consent to disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in student records, except to the extent that such disclosure is legally authorized without consent;

(3) Rights to file a complaint with the department of education concerning alleged failures of the institution to comply with FERPA; and

(4) University policies related to disclosure of education records to school officials with a legitimate educational interest.

Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). 09-19-064, ยง 172-191-030, filed 9/14/09, effective 10/15/09.

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