181-77-003 - Definitions

181-77-003. Definitions

The following definitions shall apply to terms used in this chapter:

(1) "Approved program" for training career and technical education educators shall be defined as any program approved by the professional educator standards board which complies with chapter 181-77A or 181-78A WAC.

(2) "Career and technical education educator training" shall mean those career and technical education programs, courses, seminars and workshops offered for the purpose of career and technical education certification in compliance with chapter 181-85 WAC.

(3) "General safety" shall mean course work approved by the professional educator standards board and/or its designee that is designed to provide skill and knowledge common to all career and technical education instructors in safety.

(4) "Specific safety requirements" shall mean completion of course work approved by the professional educator standards board and/or its designee which is designed to provide the career and technical education instructor with the specific skill and knowledge of safety for the occupation he or she is to teach.

(5) "Learning period" shall mean the amount of time required prior to becoming gainfully employed at the journey level in the occupation being taught. In any case, this shall be no less than one year.

(6) "Management experience" shall mean work as a supervisor or manager in the occupational area in which the person will instruct.

(7) "Occupational experience" shall mean documented industry experience in the area for which certification is sought.

(8) "Professional growth plan" is as described in WAC 181-85-033.

(Amended by WSR 17-07-018, Filed 3/7/2017, effective 4/7/2017 Amended by WSR 18-21-070, Filed 10/11/2018, effective 11/11/2018 Amended by WSR 19-15-112, Filed 7/22/2019, effective 8/22/2019)

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