182-509-0320 - MAGI income-Noncountable income

182-509-0320. MAGI income-Noncountable income

For purposes of determining eligibility for modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)-based Washington apple health (see WAC 182-509-0300):

(1) Some types of income are not counted when determining eligibility for MAGI-based apple health. Under the MAGI income methodology described in WAC 182-509-0300, income is not counted if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) permits it to be excluded or deducted for purposes of determining the tax liability of a person. (See 26 U.S.C. Sections 62(a) and 101-140.)

(2) Examples of income that are not counted include, but are not limited to:

(a) Bona fide loans, except certain student loans as specified under WAC 182-509-0335;

(b) Federal income tax refunds and earned income tax credit payments for up to twelve months from the date received;

(c) Child support payments received by any person included in household size under WAC 182-506-0010;

(d) Nontaxable time loss benefits or other compensation received for sickness or injury, such as benefits from the department of labor and industries (L&I) or a private insurance company;

(e) Title IV-E and state foster care and adoption support maintenance payments;

(f) Veteran's benefits including, but not limited to, disability compensation and pension payments for disabilities paid to the veteran or family members; education, training and subsistence; benefits under a dependent-care assistance program for veterans, housebound allowance and aid and attendance benefits;

(g) Money withheld from a benefit to repay an overpayment from the same income source;

(h) One-time payments issued under the Department of State or Department of Justice reception and replacement programs, such as Voluntary Agency (VOLAG) payments;

(i) Nontaxable income from employment and training programs;

(j) Any portion of income used to repay the cost of obtaining that income source;

(k) Insurance proceeds or other income received as a result of being a Holocaust survivor;

(l) Federal economic stimulus payments that are excluded for federal and federally assisted state programs;

(m) Income from a sponsor given to a sponsored immigrant;

(n) Fringe benefits provided on a pretax basis by an employer, such as transportation benefits or moving expenses;

(o) Employer contributions to certain pretax benefits funded by an employee's elective salary reduction, such as amounts for a flexible spending account;

(p) Distribution of pension payments paid by the employee (such as premiums or contributions) that were previously subject to tax;

(q) Gifts as described in IRS Publication 559: Survivors, Executors, and Administrators;

(r) Cash or noncash inheritances, except that the agency counts income produced by an inheritance;

(s) Death benefits from life insurance and certain benefits paid for deaths that occur in the line of duty; and

(t) Other payments that are excluded from income under state or federal law.

(3) Income received from other agencies or organizations as needs-based assistance is not countable income under this section.

(a) "Needs-based" means eligibility for the program is based on having limited income, or resources, or both. Examples of needs-based assistance are:

(i) Clothing;

(ii) Food;

(iii) Household supplies;

(iv) Medical supplies (nonprescription);

(v) Personal care items;

(vi) Shelter;

(vii) Transportation; and

(viii) Utilities (e.g., lights, cooking fuel, the cost of heating or heating fuel).

(b) Needs-based cash programs include, but are not limited to, the following apple health programs:

(i) Diversion cash assistance (DCA);

(ii) Temporary assistance for needy families (TANF);

(iii) State family assistance (SFA);

(iv) Pregnant women's assistance (PWA);

(v) Refugee cash assistance (RCA);

(vi) Aged, blind, disabled cash assistance (ABD); and

(vii) Supplemental security income (SSI).

(Adopted by WSR 14-01-021, filed 12/9/13, effective 1/9/14 Amended by WSR 20-17-136, Filed 8/18/2020, effective 9/18/2020)

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