204-21-140 - Flashing warning lamps

204-21-140. Flashing warning lamps

Flashing warning lamps may be mounted at any height and must:

(1) Meet the SAE Standards outlined for the type of vehicle as outlined in the table below.

Vehicle Type

Standard Adopted

Agricultural equipment

SAE J974

Industrial equipment


(2) Be mounted so that the entire projected area of the lens is visible from all eye heights of drivers of other vehicles at angles within forty-five degrees left to forty-five degrees right of the front of the vehicle. If the light within these required angles is blocked by the vehicle or any substantial object on it, an additional warning lamp must be displayed within the obstructed angle.

Statutory Authority: RCW 46.37.320 and 46.37.005. 10-19-074, § 204-21-140, filed 9/16/10, effective 10/17/10; 08-19-104, § 204-21-140, filed 9/17/08, effective 10/18/08.

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