208-544-040 - Certificate and secretary of state filing fees

208-544-040. Certificate and secretary of state filing fees

(1) The division shall collect one hundred dollars for issuing each of the following:

(a) Branch certificates;

(b) Certificates of increase or decrease of capital stock;

(c) Certificates of authority;

(d) Certificates of corporate existence; and

(e) Any other certificates issued by the division.

(2) The division shall collect the following for filing documents with the secretary of state:

(a) One hundred dollars for filing articles of incorporation, amendments thereof, or any other documents filed with the secretary of state.

(b) Any amounts billed directly to the division by the secretary of state relating to subsection (2)(a) of this section.

Statutory Authority: WSR 13-23-007, ยง 208-544-040, filed 11/7/2013, effective 12/8/2013

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