208-544-055 - Legal fees

208-544-055. Legal fees

The division may collect the following legal fees:

(1) Hourly fees in the amount of eighty-three dollars for legal opinions rendered interpreting statutes and rules;

(2) Pass-through costs for legal assistance rendered by an assistant attorney general or special counsel related to a specific regulated institution.

(a) The division shall notify a regulated institution before the division incurs expense for legal assistance that may be charged to the regulated institution under this section.

(b) The charges shall be paid no later than thirty days after the billing date of the rendered legal assistance.

(c) This section shall not govern the claim of attorney's fees in a judicial proceeding between the division and a regulated institution. Legal fees relating to such actions are governed by the Washington Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW.

Statutory Authority: WSR 13-23-007, ยง 208-544-055, filed 11/7/2013, effective 12/8/2013

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