222-20-015 - Multiyear permits

222-20-015. Multiyear permits

Landowners may apply for multiyear permits to conduct forest practices for four or five years in the following situations:

(1) Where a watershed analysis has been approved for a WAU under WAC 222-22-080, a landowner may apply for a multiyear permit. The information provided and level of detail for the application must be comparable to that required for a three-year permit. At a minimum, the applications for these permits must include:

(a) A description of the forest practices to be conducted during the period requested for the permit, and a map(s) showing their locations; and

(b) Prescriptions must be identified where operations are proposed within or include areas of resource sensitivity.

(2) Where a road maintenance and abandonment plan (other than a checklist road maintenance and abandonment plan) has been approved under WAC 222-24-051, a landowner may apply for a multiyear permit to perform road maintenance, road abandonment, and/or associated right of way timber harvest, if the schedule for implementing the plan is longer than three years.

(3) Where an alternate plan has been approved under WAC 222-12-0401, a landowner may apply for a multiyear permit to perform the activities in the alternate plan.

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