222-20-051 - Conversion option harvest plans

222-20-051. Conversion option harvest plans

(1) For Class II, III, and IV-special forest practices, if a landowner wishes to maintain the option to convert forest land to a use other than commercial timber operations, the landowner may request the appropriate local governmental entity to approve a conversion option harvest plan.

(2) If a local governmental entity approves a plan, the landowner must attach it to the forest practices application or notification.

(3) The plan will be a condition of the approved application or notification.

(4) Violation of the plan will result in the development prohibitions or the conditions described in RCW 76.09.460.

(5) Reforestation requirements will not be waived regardless of the existence of a conversion option harvest plan.

Statutory Authority: RCW 76.09.040 and 76.09.370. 13-01-007, ยง 222-20-051, filed 12/6/12, effective 1/6/13.

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