222-20-052 - Notice of conversion to nonforestry use

222-20-052. Notice of conversion to nonforestry use

(1) Under the provisions of RCW 76.09.060(3)(b), if harvest takes place without an approved application or notification, or the landowner did not state that any land covered by the application or notification is intended to be converted to a use other than commercial timber operations, then the department and the appropriate local governmental entity will follow the process described in subsections (2) and (3) of this section.

(2) When the department or local governmental entity becomes aware of conversion activities the department will send to the department of ecology and the appropriate local governmental entities the following documents:

(a) A notice of conversion to nonforestry use;

(b) A copy of the applicable forest practices application or notification, if any; and

(c) Copies of any applicable outstanding final orders or decisions issued by the department related to the forest practices application or notification.

(3) When a local governmental entity receives a notice of conversion to a nonforestry use from the department, it will follow the requirements of RCW 76.09.460.

(4) A notice of a conversion to a nonforestry use issued by the department under the provisions of RCW 76.09.060(3)(b) and this section may be appealed to the appeals board in accordance with RCW 43.21B.110 and 43.21B.230.

Statutory Authority: RCW 76.09.040 and 76.09.370. 13-01-007, ยง 222-20-052, filed 12/6/12, effective 1/6/13.

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