222-24-050 - *Road maintenance and abandonment

222-24-050. *Road maintenance and abandonment

The goals for road maintenance are established in WAC 222-24-010. Guidelines for how to meet these goals and standards are in board manual section 3. Replacement will not be required for existing culverts functioning with little risk to public resources or for culverts installed under an approved forest practices application or notification and are capable of passing fish, until the end of the culvert's functional life.

The goals for road maintenance outlined in this chapter are expected to be achieved by October 31, 2016. The strategies for achieving the goals are different for large forest landowners and small forest landowners.

For large forest landowners, all forest roads must be improved and maintained to the standards of this chapter prior to October 31, 2016; however, large or small forest landowners may request an extension of up to five years, or October 31, 2021, as outlined in WAC 222-24-051(8). Work performed toward meeting the standards must generally be even flow over the performance period with priorities for achieving the most benefit to the public resources early in the period. These goals will be achieved through the road maintenance and abandonment plan process outlined in WAC 222-24-051.

For small forest landowners, the goals will be achieved through the road maintenance and abandonment plan process outlined in WAC 222-24-0511, by participation in the state-led family forest fish passage program, and by compliance with the Forest Practices Act and rules. The purpose of the family forest fish passage program is to assist small forest landowners in providing fish passage by offering cost-share funding and prioritizing projects on a watershed basis, fixing the worst fish passage barriers first. The department, in consultation with the departments of ecology and fish and wildlife, will monitor the extent, effectiveness, and progress of checklist road maintenance and abandonment plan implementation and report to the legislature and the board by December 31, 2008, and December 31, 2013.

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