224-12-060 - Shipments - Shipper report - Alternate method of paying assessments

224-12-060. Shipments - Shipper report - Alternate method of paying assessments

(1) By specific written agreement between the fruit commission and any regular shipper, the shipper may elect to supply assessment information and payments based on his own records rather than through payment of assessment invoices supplied by the commission. Shipper report forms for this purpose will be supplied by the commission, or the shipper may report on his own stationary.

(2) The shipper reports shall be prepared from suitable records kept on file by the shipper and shall be based on his total packouts, or on his total shipments if he does not keep packout records. Transmittal of shipper reports and assessments shall be as specified by the agreement. (Objectives are to provide for payment of assessments as soon as reasonably possible and yet reduce the amount of employee time in handling assessments.)

(3) The agreement to transmit assessments by means of shipper reports may be terminated at any time by the shipper upon his written notice to the commission, provided that his shipper reports are up to date; and the commission may terminate the agreement at any time upon written notice to the shipper.

Regulation 8a, filed 5/23/63.

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