224-12-070 - Processing fruit assessments - Reporting and payment - Growers, dealers, processors

224-12-070. Processing fruit assessments - Reporting and payment - Growers, dealers, processors

(1) Each processor of Washington-grown soft tree fruits shall make an annual processor report to the commission on each soft tree fruit. This report shall show each first handler separately and also in total for individual growers the number of pounds delivered of commercial graded fruit, pounds of cull fruit, and amount of assessment payable on the commercial graded fruit. Processor reports shall also describe utilization of the fruit, showing poundage breakdowns of commercial graded fruit, and culls separately, for the quantities (a) canned, (b) brined, (c) frozen or otherwise processed, (d) resold to any other processor or dealer, and (e) dumped or destroyed.

(2) More than one commodity may be reported on a single processor report, providing time limits for reporting are observed and that the data for each commodity is kept separate and distinct. For each soft tree fruit which he did not process or handle during the current season, the processor shall report "none handled." Processor report forms will be supplied by the commission, laid out in a manner to provide convenient listing of the information desired. Each processor report shall be signed by the owner, executive officer or manager of the firm that is reporting. Washington soft tree fruit assessments shall be deducted by the processor from his growers' accounts, and this may include dealers who are primarily growers.

(3) Transmittal of the processor report and the payable assessments on each commodity shall be made by the processor to the Washington state fruit commission as soon as possible and within 21 days after each season's final delivery of raw fruit at the processor's packing or storing facilities.

(4) Each grower, broker, dealer, or handler of soft tree fruits who sells fruit to a broker, commercial processor or custom processor shall file, separately for each processor or broker to whom he sold, a processor report (or adequate letter of transmittal in lieu thereof) completed in the same manner and time described above as for processors and accompanied by payment of any assessments due the commission on such report. In any case in which the processor or broker does not deduct the proper assessment from the grower's account, the grower shall remit the assessment to the commission at the time he forwards his own processor report.

Statutory Authority: Chapter 15.28 RCW. 00-19-007, ยง 224-12-070, filed 9/6/00, effective 10/7/00; Regulation 9-10, filed 5/23/63; Regulation 9-10, filed 6/1/61; Regulations (part), filed 2/23/60.

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