224-12-130 - Review of denial of public records requests

224-12-130. Review of denial of public records requests

(1) Any person who objects to the initial denial of a request to copy or inspect public records may petition the commission for review of such decision by submitting a written request to the commission. The request shall specifically refer to the statement which constituted or accompanied the denial.

(2) The commission's president or designee shall immediately consider the matter and either affirm or reverse the denial within ten business days following the commission's receipt of the written request for review of the original denial.

(3) Under RCW 42.56.530, if the commission denies a requestor access to public records because it claims the record is exempt in whole or in part from disclosure, the requestor may request the attorney general's office to review the matter.

(4) Any person may obtain court review of a denial of a public records request under RCW 42.56.550.

(Adopted by WSR 20-02-086, Filed 12/30/2019, effective 1/30/2020)

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