262-03-080 - Hearing procedures

262-03-080. Hearing procedures

(1) Any hearing pursuant to WAC 262-03-070(2) will be conducted by the hearing officer appointed by the commission.

(2) The respondent may personally appear at the hearing, appear through a duly authorized representative and/or be represented by legal counsel. The respondent, representative or legal counsel will be given a full opportunity to submit and respond to papers and pleadings, to present evidence and argument, and to conduct cross-examination of witnesses.

(3) Following the hearing, the hearing officer will determine the facts by a preponderance of the evidence, issue written findings of fact, and issue a written order. The order will include a brief statement of the hearing officer's findings and order and a statement about the availability and time limits of appeals procedures pursuant to WAC 262-03-090.

Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.180 RCW. 97-16-019, ยง 262-03-080, filed 7/28/97, effective 8/28/97.

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