262-03-090 - Appeals procedures

262-03-090. Appeals procedures

Any order issued pursuant to WAC 262-03-070(3) or 262-03-090(3) may be appealed to the full commission in accordance with the following procedures:

(1) The appeal must be in writing, signed, and received by the chair of the commission no later than ten business days after the respondent receives an order pursuant to WAC 262-03-070(3) or 262-03-080(3).

(2) The appeal must describe why the respondent believes the order pursuant to WAC 262-03-070(3) or 262-03-080(3) is erroneous, identify information in the record that the respondent would like the commission to consider, and specify a desired remedy. The commission will not entertain any claim on appeal that has not first been asserted under WAC 262-03-070 or 262-03-080. An order issued pursuant to WAC 262-03-070(3) or 262-03-080(3) will be presumed to be correct and the respondent has the burden of showing that the order is not supported by substantial evidence.

(3) The commission will schedule a meeting or set aside time during a scheduled meeting to hear appeals. Respondents appealing will receive at least seven days' advance written notice of the time and place of this meeting. The respondent may personally appear at the meeting, appear through a duly authorized representative and/or be represented by legal counsel. The respondent, representative or legal counsel will be given an opportunity to present oral argument to the commission. No witnesses may be examined.

(4) The commission will issue an appeals decision or a statement specifying the date that a decision will be issued, after hearing oral arguments, if any, but within forty-five days after receipt of the appeal. Any commission appeals decision announced orally will be confirmed in writing. The commission's written decision is a final order that is binding on the respondent and other parties. The decision will include notice that judicial review may be available.

(5) Judicial review of any final order of the commission is governed by RCW 34.05.570. In accordance with RCW 34.05.534, any person seeking judicial review first must exhaust the administrative remedies set forth in these procedures.

Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.180 RCW. 97-16-019, ยง 262-03-090, filed 7/28/97, effective 8/28/97.

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