Wash. Admin. Code § 284-24A-005 - Definitions that apply to this chapter

Current through Register Vol. 22-07, April 1, 2022

The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter:

(1) "Demographic factors" means the factors listed below if they are used in an insurer's rates, rating tiers, rating factors, rating rules or risk classification plan:
(a) Age of the insured;
(b) Sex of the insured;
(c) The rating territory assigned to the property location for residential property insurance and to the vehicle's garage location for personal auto insurance.
(2) "Premium" means the same as RCW 48.18.170.
(3) "Rate" means the cost of insurance per exposure unit.
(4) "Rating factor" means a number used to calculate premium.
(5) "Risk classification plan" means a plan to formulate different premiums for the same coverage based on group characteristics.
(6) "SERFF" means the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing. SERFF is a proprietary National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) computer-based application that allows insurers and other entities to create and submit rate, rule and form filings electronically to the commissioner.
(7) "Significant factor" means an important element of a consumer's credit history or insurance score. Examples of significant factors include:
(a) Bankruptcies, judgments, and liens;
(b) Delinquent accounts;
(c) Accounts in collection;
(d) Payment history;
(e) Outstanding debt;
(f) Length of credit history; and
(g) Number of credit accounts.
(8) "Substantive underwriting factor" means a factor that is very important to an underwriting decision. Examples of substantive underwriting factors include:
(a) History of filing claims;
(b) History of moving violations or accidents;
(c) History of driving uninsured;
(d) Type of performance for which a vehicle is designed; and
(e) Maintenance of a structure to be insured.
(9) "Vehicle" means any motorized vehicle that can be insured under a private passenger auto insurance policy.


Wash. Admin. Code § 284-24A-005

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