296-115-035 - Specific inspection requirements

296-115-035. Specific inspection requirements

(1) Each passenger vessel subject to the provisions in this section must be drydocked or hauled out at intervals not to exceed sixty months and the underwater hull and appendages, propellers, shafting, stern bearings, rudders, through-hull fittings, sea valves and strainers must be examined to determine that these items are in satisfactory condition.

(2) At the annual inspection the inspector must:

(a) View the vessel afloat and conduct the following tests and inspections of the hull:

(i) Examine the hull exterior and interior, bulkheads, and weather deck.

(ii) Examine and test by operation all watertight closures in the hull, decks, and bulkheads.

(iii) Inspect all railings and bulwarks and their attachment to the hull.

(iv) Inspect weathertight closures above the weather deck and drainage or water from exposed decks and superstructure.

(b) Examine and test the following items:

(i) Main propulsion machinery.

(ii) Engine starting system.

(iii) Engine control mechanisms.

(iv) Auxiliary machinery.

(v) Fuel systems.

(vi) Sea valves and bulkhead closure valves.

(vii) Bilge and drainage systems.

(viii) Electrical system, including circuit protection.

(c) Inspect the life saving and fire extinguishing equipment for serviceability.

(d) Inspect and test the vessel's steering apparatus, ground tackle, navigation lights, sanitary facilities, pressure vessels, and any other equipment aboard the vessel for serviceability and safety.

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