296-56-60009 - Accident prevention program

296-56-60009. Accident prevention program

(1) You must establish an accident prevention program, which provides equitable management-employee participation, in all establishments, industrial plants, or operations.

(2) You must initiate and maintain the accident prevention program necessary to comply with this section. DOSH may be contacted for assistance in initiating and maintaining an effective accident prevention program.

(3) You must tailor all accident prevention programs to the needs of the particular operation.

(4) You must have employer and employee representatives, as elected, delegated or appointed, to attend and actively take part in frequent and regular safety committee meetings.

(5) You must provide in the accident prevention programs for employer-employee safety meetings and frequent and regular safety inspections of job sites, materials, equipment, and operating procedures.

(6) You must maintain a record of safety activities, such as inspections and meetings, for a period covering the previous twelve months and must be made available, upon request, to non-compliance personnel of the department of labor and industries.

(7) You must ensure employees individually comply with all safety rules and cooperate with management in carrying out the accident prevention program.

(8) You must establish committees in each port to make effective the preceding statement and promote on-the-job accident prevention. These committees must consist of an equal number of port or stevedore company and longshoremen representatives at the job level with the industry or company safety supervisor serving as secretary and coordinator. Some functions of the committee are to maintain the interest of the workers in accident prevention by providing for their actual participation in the program, to direct their attention to the real causes of accidents, and to provide a means for making practical use of their intimate knowledge of working conditions and practices.

(9) It is intended that this program will produce mutually practical and effective recommendations regarding correction of accident-producing circumstances and conditions.

Note: For first-aid requirements, see WA C 296-800-150.
(Amended by WSR 15-24-102, Filed 12/1/2015, effective 1/5/2016)

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