296-56-60010A - Waterfront operations

296-56-60010A. Waterfront operations


This section applies to all waterfront operations in your workplace.

Your responsibility: To protect employees from waterfront operation hazards in your workplace.

You must meet the requirements... in this section:
Slinging WAC 296-56-60011
Stacking of cargo and pallets WAC 296-56-60013
Coopering WAC 296-56-60015
Line handling WAC 296-56-60017
Standard gauge railroad operations WAC 296-56-60019
Signals displayed by each maintenance crew WAC 296-56-60021
Warning flags or lights WAC 296-56-60023
Signals unobscured WAC 296-56-60025
Audible warning system WAC 296-56-60027
Safety observer on railroad switching WAC 296-56-60029
Warning at road crossing WAC 296-56-60031
Flying switches WAC 296-56-60033
Clearance from railroad tracks WAC 296-56-60035
Car plates WAC 296-56-60037
Dockboards (bridge plates) WAC 296-56-60039
Log handling WAC 296-56-60041
Movement of barges and railcars WAC 296-56-60043
Communication WAC 296-56-60045
Open fires WAC 296-56-60047
(Adopted by WSR 15-24-102, Filed 12/1/2015, effective 1/5/2016)

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